12.12.12 Workout | Happy End of the World To You


First of all I must say that I couldn’t resist wishing everyone a happy 12.12.12 and to find a picture of Stay Puft from Ghostbusters to add my touch to.  This is in no way a religious/political/opinion of my beliefs but more a pop culture jolt of humor.  What is more important is the workout that I’m attaching to be done at 12:12 PM today 12.12.2012.  If you happen to miss the giant celebration then by all means be fashionably late to the party and enjoy it later.


Here it is!  Stop whatever your doing and bring 12:12 PM on 12.12.2012 in with a bang!
12 Burpees

12 Push ups

12 Jump Squats

20 Full Sit ups

12 Mountain Climbers
Enjoy and stay tuned for more fun!



Owner, Exercise Physiologist at Body By Brent LLC
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