It is in “BODY BY BR3NT’s” best interest to let you know that we have nothing to hide.  The Federal Trade Commision (FTC) looks highly upon honest bloggers.  The information posted within this Disclosure Policy is to inform you fully the relationship with products, brands and services located within this website.


We may or may not have received compensation for the content on this website.   The products, brands, podcasts and/or materials that have been reviewed or discussed have been done without compensation unless explicitly stated.


There are instances where a product was received with no compensation and a review was written about products, services and/or brand.


There are instances where a product, service or brand was received for review and that product, service or brand was of nominal value.  This product/service was not expected to be returned after wards.


There are instances where a product, service or brand was reviewed and there was cash compensation, gift or service given from the affiliated brand, product or service.


We reserve the right to provide select advertising and sponsorship and will never advertise or sponsor a product that we have not used or tested previously.


We cannot guarantee that every review or a product, service or brand will be “positive” but we do promise to provide a fair assessment of the product, service or brand.


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This is all done to promote a healthy 100% trusting relationship between consumer and our product/service.  Products, services, and brands that are reviewed or recommended within this website are believed 100% to beneficial to you, the consumer.


So there you have it, sometimes we get cool stuff for reviewing products or recommending services.