We’re a private personal training studio designed to support you in your commitment to long-term health.  This all takes place in a comfortable, non threatening environment, conducive to achieving all your goals



There’s training, and B3 Personal Training. Our science-fueled approach plus your commitment means goals get met. 



Nurse & Baby Boomer

“After many sedentary years, I knew I needed assistance. I am so glad I found Brent to assist me in my fitness goals. With his skill and my cooperation, I have lost 18 lbs.of body fat and I find that to be profound, again demonstrating his skill. Most noticeable is my substantial increase in stamina, flexibility and strength. I discovered that I really enjoy jogging. Brent is working with me now to facilitate a smooth transition and I so appreciate his honesty regarding my fitness level and needs, demonstrating his resourcefulness in accommodating my fitness goals.”


Sheri H.

College Professor

“He takes the time to develop a workout plan that fits your needs and works to reasonable and achievable goals. In the last 2 years I saw major improvement in my strength and overall health, and motivated me to continue to stay in shape and go after new goals. He also takes education and training seriously, and is constantly bringing in new ideas to create a diverse range of workout plans. Brent is an outstanding personal trainer!”


– Brian B.

Realtor w/ College Kids

I started working with Brent because I had “fallen off the exercise wagon” and needed to get motivated again. Brent challenged me to keep doing more than I thought my body could and I’m very thankful that he did. After working with him for only 3 months my body is stronger and leaner making my clothes fit so much better! Although I can’t say that I love working out, the results I achieved with Brent’s individualized program have kept me motivated to continue. You won’t be disappointed with your Body By Brent!


  – Elaine C. 

Expectant Mom

“Jaclyn was a great motivator and took the time to explain each exercise thoroughly.  She does push you but also allowed breaks throughout each training session.  I felt more energetic after each time I went through the prenatal fitness program and I was able to drop my baby weight quicker!”


B3 A Client

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