Why should you choose to have a trainer?

A trainer will design a progressive training program individualized with appropriate intensity.  The intensity put into your exercise program may not happen naturally and requires some extra help.  A trainer will assure that you reach an appropriate yet challenging level of intensity to reach your measurable goals.


Your training session can take many forms.  B3 – Body By Brent welcomes both beginners and those who are experienced exercisers.  We are committed to guide and assist you with our individualized exercise programming that will prove to be both challenging and fun.  We offer single, partner and group training sessions.


Our areas of specialty include, but are not limited to:


    • Improving body composition
    • Weight Loss
    • Muscle Toning
    • Cardiovascular Endurance
    • Increase Muscle Strength and Muscle Endurance
    • Core Strengthening and Conditioning
    • Increase Flexibility


First step:  Make the commitment to take that first step.
Step #2:  Set up your free consultation so we can determine your goals, limitations and baseline fitness levels.
Step #3:  BODY BY BR3NT will design you a program that works for you!