On-Site Workplace Fitness

This solution overcomes the three most common barriers to exercise; time, money and location. (1)

These group exercise classes are convenient by fit into everybody’s schedule, during the work day, no travel required, no workplace interruption. There is no time taken from work, family, or social life, removing the number one barrier and excuse for exercise.  On-site fitness programs also provide peer support, group enthusiasm and energizing the employee to participate consistently and finish strong every day.

B3 Personal Training excels in our ability to design fitness classes that include both the de-conditioned novice and fit athlete. On-site corporate fitness programming moves the corporate wellness program into overdrive with participation and results.

Wellness services an programs include:


  • Health Fairs and Screenings
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Wellness Workshops and Presentations
  • Newsletters and Health Promotions
  • Stretch and Activity Breaks
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Personal Training sessions
  • Nutrition Counseling



  1. “Becoming the corporate fitness leader in your community.” Retrieved from on 31 January 2019.

What our clients are saying.

“My consulting firm hired Brent with the intent of running a weekly boot camp for our employees. We sought a personal trainer who was willing to take on a variety of personalities, physical capabilities, and various fitness goals plus do so with the highest level of diplomacy and push. Brent Hartman took the challenge and has become an integral part of our overall company culture. He has unified our group and challenged us to take ownership for our health. He is a GREAT personal trainer.”

Joy Taylor

CEO, TayganPoint Consulting

Satisfied Clients To Date