Excuses: Everyone Has Them



The holiday season is in full swing now with parties, gatherings with friends, going out to eat, cookie-exchanges and delectable food gifts being dropped off at the office.   ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ or better yet pick your poison.  If you don’t watch yourself the only thing jolly about this holiday season will be your belly jiggling like a bowl full of jelly.  Here are a few excuses that people commonly use around this time of year.


Excuse #1 – Cold Weather.  The cold weather makes you want to bundle up inside, sit near a fire and not move.  Want a better way to keep warm?  Join a spin class, indoor fitness class or move your training to an indoor facility.  They’ll keep the heat on for you to still be able to feel your fingers and toes while you exercise.  You can also train in the warmth of your own home with body-weight exercises.  Or you can conquer the cold and use the frigid temperatures to spur you on to fitness greatness!


Excuse #2 – Time.  You may say you have too many parties or that your putting in more hours with work to get to the gym.  You tell me the amount of time that you have while your not working or going about your holiday business and I can assure you that there is enough time for a workout.  Adding exercise to your workday is another way to get in physical activity.  Every hour stand up, stretch and do crunches and push ups at your desk.


Excuse #3 – Traveling.  I’ve touched on how to fit exercise into your travel plans previously by getting your rear in gear.  When traveling you must plan ahead to see if there is a fitness center in the hotel your staying at or call ahead to a local gym to find out membership rates.  You don’t need machines to get a great workout that will reap benefits!


Excuse #4 – Starting up.  Don’t put off tomorrow what you can begin today.  Surprise yourself with beginning your workout today.   How many times have you said that you’ll begin exercising in the New Year and don’t follow through until March or not at all?  Health problems won’t wait until tomorrow, neither should you.


Give yourself a gift this holiday.  The gift of health and fitness.  Begin today and reap the benefits of an active life!




Owner, Exercise Physiologist at Body By Brent LLC
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