Tanka Bar: The Buffalo Bar


Winning & The Great Snail Mail

I don’t know how you feel about receiving mail that is not your typical “pre-approved credit card application” or “consolidate your debts now”, but I think it’s fantastic!  The other feeling that is beyond describable is winning.  Put these two together and the outcome could only be fantastically indescribable.  I was recently the recipient of a package whose contents could only been something special.  I ripped open the top half of the bubble wrap mailer and unto my eyes appeared to be magic… buffalo bars!  These were sent to me from Tanka Bar as a winner of one of their contests.



First of all, I must say that the company’s meaning is sums up their products.


To “Be Tanka” means to live your best life: in harmony with your spirit and with the earth. We created Tanka products to help you do just that. 


To live your best life you must eat only the best foods and ingredients.  Tanka Bar provides minimally processed snacks that are gluten-free, hormone free, MSG free and nitrate free.


Secondly, the snack size is perfect.  70 calories available in either regular or hot and in bar, stick or bite size.  Not to mention that it’s bison meat which has less fat with the same protein content that will leave you satisfied!


Finally, the taste that these bars have to offer is phenomenal!  They really got the flavoring right and the added cranberries are just enough to sweeten the deal.  The bison meat is juicy and has a fantastic jerky taste.  The ‘hot’ version isn’t over the top with heat. It has just enough spice to let you know it’s there but doesn’t feel like you just took a shot of tabasco.


I highly recommend these Tanka Bar Buffalo Bars.  Think of it as treating yourself.  You can buy their products online for a reasonable price.


Disclaimer:  Body By Brent LLC is not in any way shape or form endorsed or paid by Tanka Bar.  The products that were received by Body By Brent LLC were from an online contest and the views aforementioned are not representative of anyone else besides Body By Brent LLC.  




President, Personal Training Manager at Body By Brent LLC
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