6 Week Transformation Challenge

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The 6 Week Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to make big changes? I hope so! The 6 Week Transformation Challenge gives you everything you need to kickstart your results, balance your hormones, clean up your nutrition, etc. and FINALLY achieve those results you’ve been dreaming about. Not only do you get a step-by-step plan, coaching, workouts, and recipes but you’ll also create something that makes you unstoppable. It’s MOMENTUM and You’ll feel your motivation soar as you experience real results!


Here’s what’s included:


    • 6 Week Exercise Plan You’ll get a 6 week plan so you can know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing on any given day. This plan is digital and accessible on your mobile device in the palm of your hand!
    • 6-Weeks of Dietician-Approved Meal Guides: You’ll get 6 weeks of done-for-you meal guides that are 100% Dietician Approved. They are designed for both men and women. They’re even easily customizable so you can change anything.
    • Complete Client Success Manual: You’ll get a 28-page client success manual that is designed to educate you about how to live a healthy lifestyle. This is loaded with success tips and strategies to help you get the best results possible.
    • 6 Weekly Print-&-Go Grocery Lists: Each week will come with a complete grocery list.  Just print it out and take it with you to the grocery store!
    • Over 60 Delicious & Easy to Make Recipes: Complete Recipe Manual filled with whole-foods based, incredible recipes like: The World’s Best Turkey Chili, Chicken Sausage & Peppers, Baked Halibut with Citrus Salsa, Cinnamon & Chia Blueberry Smoothie, and a lot more!
    • “Dining Out” Swap Guide: This dining out swap guide will show you how to turn any restaurant menu item into a delicious, healthy, and challenge-friendly alternative.
Beyond results on the scale, here are some of the other benefits you should start to notice over the next 6-weeks:
    • More balanced blood sugar levels
    • Better sleep (fall asleep faster and have more restful sleep)
    • More balanced hormone levels
    • Better brain health – will help protect against dementia and other disorders
    • Improved memory and clearing of brain fog
    • More regulated digestion
    • Enhanced ability for your body to naturally “detox” itself
    • Increased energy
    • Boosted fertility
    • Improvements in your mood (less anxiety and depression)
    • and that’s just to name a few!

1 review for 6 Week Transformation Challenge

  1. Meghan

    I participated in the “6 week transformation challenge” in January and it changed me in more ways than just my eating or my weight. I would HIGHLY recommend this program and Brent as your guide & trainer. He was so responsive, helpful, encouraging. He was available to answer questions and to check in on progress, but not in an overwhelming way. The menu and recipes are SOOOO good and Brent’s exercises are fabulous. I continue to make the meals for my husband and myself.

    If you want more detail about how this program helped me, feel free to keep reading, but just do it. SOO worth it.

    I started the program in January because I needed a change. I thought I was doing ok with my nutrition and handling life fine, but I was struggling (pretending I wasn’t). I am a mom of two active kids, the pandemic was rough on my body and mind so I needed to reset. As silly as it sounds… this was exactly what I needed. I realized I needed something for myself. Time for myself. I needed to get healthy for me. I made other changes in my life to help me, but this truly motivated me to do. I saw a difference in my body, my desire to run around with my kids, to actually take care of myself for the first time in awhile.

    Since starting this program, I have worked out regularly. I don’t weigh myself anymore. I am happy with my body. And I am healthier for my kids and hubs. So I guess this is where I say THANK YOU Body By Brent! You are awesome and truly transformed me!

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