Fitness can be defined as the condition, quality or state of being physically fit and healthy. This is a very generic definition that lacks any real insight (as well as stating the word in the definition). The perception that each individual has of “what fit is” is also very different. I would like to share what I feel is a more accurate definition of fitness.


The Healthy Weight & Being Fit Debate


I’ve discussed what a healthy weight looks and feels like before. There are similar characteristics between what a healthy weight is and being fit is. Being fit does not mean you look like the man or woman on the front of a fitness magazine.


Being fit should look and feel like:


Performing activities of daily living (ADLs) without feeling undue fatigue.  You should not feel like you ran a marathon when doing laundry or be out of breath by doing simple tasks.


You are able fully enjoy and participate in your recreational activities.


You are efficient at completing your occupational tasks and without injury.


Being able to do the following basic movements without pain: push, pull, squat, twist, lunge, walk/run and crawl.


Being able to perform the following movements to the highest level: push, pull, squat, twist, lunge, walk/run and crawl. This goes for people without pre-existing conditions or physiological condition that doesn’t allow for the movement.


What does fitness mean to you? How does it look and feel to you? How would you define it?

I would love to hear your comments!

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