It’s 2024 and resolutions and goal setting are in full swing.  People are flocking back to the gyms to use their gym memberships, making lifestyle changes and cleaning up their eating habits.  Here are 3 habits that you can start today to help meet your 2024 goals.

3 Habits You Can Start Today to Meet Your 2024 Goals

  • Reduce alcohol consumption.  Drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol may increase the risk of death from various causes, some cancers to cardiovascular disease.  Alcohol consumption is associated with increases in ectopic fat (fat stored in tissues and organs other then adipose tissue), greater likelihood of fatty liver disease and pancreatitis, various forms of cancers and increased levels of stress, anxiety and general feelings of being physically unwell.

Pro Tip: Switch out alcoholic beverages for seltzer with squeeze lemon or lime. Change your stress relief activity to stretching for 10 minutes or yoga.

  • Weekend overeating.  All of the work that you put in during the week can be completely undone on the weekend.  Sometimes individuals can a “free for all” approach on the weekend leading to overeating.  Feeling more relaxed, participating in recreational and social activities and having a completely different routine all contribute to weekend overeating.

Pro Tip: Create a plan for the weekend.  Look up menus to restaurants ahead of time and use a food journal to write down everything you consume over the weekend.

  • Sleep Deprivation. People often sacrifice sleep to get more accomplished often resulting in resulting in feeling more tired.  Getting less then 7-8 hours of sleep each night can also make it difficult to recover from workouts and making it more difficult to reach your goals.

Pro Tip: Daily exercise helps support sleep habits, walking counts.  Spend more time planning your sleep environment to help create better sleep routines.

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