👉The Thomas Test!

(how to tell if your hips are too tight)

If you sit or stand in one place a lot, there’s a good chance you have tight hips. Even working out a lot can set you up for hip tightness. I’ve got an easy test for you that you can do at home to check if your hips are tight. It’s called the Thomas Test.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Sit at the edge of your bed – the back of your thighs should be supported, your knees at the edge at a 90-degree angle, and your lower legs hanging toward the floor.
  • Now lie back, bringing both knees toward your chest so your back is flat against the bed.
  • While holding one leg close to your chest, slowly extend your other leg and let it hang off the edge of the bed, from the knee down (keep your back, neck, and shoulders against the bed).
  • If your hanging knee is at an 80- to 90-degree angle and you don’t feel a lot of tightness, you passed the test!

Now try the other side.

🧘 Let me know if you do this … and if you passed the test!

Meghan Worrilow

Meghan Worrilow