Getting married is a major life event in a person’s life. For many couples, especially the bride, it is the day that you’ve dreamt of since childhood.  You plan the event using checklists, Pinterest, wedding websites, going to wedding shows and scouring magazines. There are so many details to account for including the dress, the flowers, photography and the cake to name just a few. As the focus of the day becomes more clear, women start to envision what they will look like as they head to the altar. It is estimated that 80% of women will participate in some form of exercise program in preparation for their wedding day.(1)  Is getting into the best shape of your life and feeling great on your checklist?  It should be!

Your Wedding & Exercise

Exercise has numerous health benefits for the body.  It is worth exercising just to relieve any stress from the rest of the wedding process!  Being that exercise is so important, it is just as important to find the right training program to help you achieve the results you want. Many women opt to work with a personal trainer for accountability and to let somebody else plan for them- they are stressed enough with all of the other things that need to get done.
Here are 5 questions to think about as you start your research to hire a personal trainer.

What’s your wedding date? Simple question, but that is obviously the “goal date” or close to it. If you are getting married in a year, your exercise program may be designed differently than if your wedding date were in 8 weeks. (It’s never too late to start). Another date to keep in mind: the final dress fitting. Although typically very close to the wedding date, you want to try to see those final results as you are slipping into that dress for the last time before the wedding. This will really allow you to envision what you will look like on the big day!

What does your dress look like? Think about the style of dress- are your arms exposed? Is it open in the back? While we can’t spot reduce, a comprehensive exercise program will not only change your entire body composition but can work specifically and more frequently on certain parts of the body to give you optimal results. Is there a style of dress you feel you cannot wear but would want to? It may be a good idea to start exercising and then do some dress shopping to see if there are some different styles you may be able to wear.

What’s your time commitment? Can you meet with a trainer 3 times per week? 2 times per week? Are you willing to make time on alternate days for some other activities, exercise or active rest? Will you be traveling for work or vacation? Is your work schedule unpredictable? Think about your calendar as a big picture so you really know how much of a commitment you really can put into exercise on a regular basis.

What does your lifestyle look like? Exercise is a big one but results do not happen without taking a look at other habits. Think about your diet. You may need to make some changes and might consider getting a nutritional analysis from a registered dietitian, even better- find an RD that works directly with your trainer! How’s your water consumption throughout the day? Drinking too many cocktails after work? Are you sleeping well? Feeling stressed as the big day approaches? All of these things can greatly impact how you will look and feel as you get closer to your goal. A great certified personal trainer will keep in mind and guide you through all of the habit changes that go into your exercise program.

What keeps you motivated? You want to enjoy going to the gym (or at least see the value in it!) or you will never go. Maybe partner sessions with your groom to be or bridesmaids will keep you going. Maybe shorter ½ sessions could be the ticket vs 1 hour session. Your trainer should be able to help motivate you through your program.

As you get out your checklist for the big day, be sure to add exercise as a big to do on the list. It’s one of the most important days in your life and the emphasis should be on you. Take this time to treat your body well and maybe even create some new healthy habits as a newlywed. Getting healthy and staying fit should not end when the wedding ends.  For more help navigating your pre wedding workout, contact us.


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