Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had a safe, enjoyable and healthy New Year’s Eve and are ready to tackle the New Year.  I’m sure many of you have made resolutions in the past and have made them again this year.  What are your resolutions?  What are your goals?  What do you want to accomplish this year?  I want to challenge you to begin them ASAP.  Do not put off to tomorrow what you can begin and do today.  Congratulations to those that began before today the 1st of the year!


What does making goals or resolutions really mean?  The word goal can be defined as the result or achievement toward which effort is directed, aimed or an end (1).  That effort is motivated, full of encouragement and inspired.  I think the word resolution describes the directed effort aimed at reaching a goal perfectly.  Resolution can be defined as a resolve or determination, to make a firm resolution to do something (1).  Based on this definition your New Year resolutions should be firm and full of determination to get them done.  They should be directed to your ultimate long-term goal or end product (i.e. weight loss, improved strength, etc.).  Resolutions are the pathway to your goals.

Your long-term goal should follow the acronym SMART.


S – Your goal should be specific.  For example, don’t just say that you want to lose weight, but how much.  What does your weight loss look like to you?  Your senior year of high school weight?  Your pre-pregnancy weight?


M – Your goal should be measurable.  How will you measure your progress? Creating mini or short-term goals perhaps on a weekly basis will allow you to see your progress and perhaps alter your process of attaining your long-term goal.


A – Your goal should be attainable.  Do you have the means to reach your goal? Don’t set a goal that is beyond what you can financially meet.


R – Your goal should be realistic.  Part of a SMART goal is to make your sure you can reach your goal.  Saying that you want to lose 100 lb in 1 month or increase your squat max by 200 lb in 1 month is not realistic.  If your resolution is to lose weight then you must have a firm yet realistic determination to reach that goal.


T – Your goal should be timely.  Set a time frame for your goal.  Setting a goal that will be completed sometime in your lifetime will allow you to procrastinate and make many excuses.


Resolutions are the first part of your goal.  You are determined to change or do something in the New Year.  Now you must set your goals and take action!


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