How did everyone do yesterday with the nine sets of step ups? I congratulate you completing another day of Christmas Fitness.  There are no excuses as to why you can’t begin exercising today.  If you are just reading this today then join in on the gift giving now! It is not to late to enjoy all of the gifts in one day.  Also feel free to break up all of the exercises throughout your day.  However you decide to break it up just make sure you get it all done by the of the day.  Now it’s time for your tenth gift!


On the tenth day of Christmas Fitness your trainer gave to you:


TEN sets of 15 second side planks!  Five sets per side.


NINE sets of step ups! Find a set of stairs, chair or bench and begin stepping for a total of 90 step ups in one day.


EIGHT sets of 4 overhead presses!


The contest for the FREE t-shirt has been extended until December 24th. Be creative on this one. If you do not have access to traditional weights and barbells, then I suggest finding a bag of sand, flour, etc that suits you! Take a picture of you pressing the object, share it and be entered to win a free Body By Brent t-shirt.


SEVEN sets of 10 crunches!


SIX sets of 8 Lunges!


FIVE sets of 10 Jumping Jacks!


FOUR sets of 15 second planks!


THREE sets of 15 body weight squats!


TWO sets of 15 push ups (traditional or modified otherwise known as “guy” and “girl” push ups)


ONE mile walk/run


Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Disclaimer: Consult a medical professional before beginning any exercise program. Body By Brent LLC and it’s entities will not be held responsible for negligence of it’s participants.




President, Personal Training Manager at Body By Brent LLC
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