“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

When I speak with clients about their weight loss goals or adopting new healthy eating habits it begins and ends with meal preparation.  Most poor choices are made when the decision is not made ahead of time.  Then when that decision needs to be made, it’s done in haste and excuses are made that “there wasn’t any time” or “we went out to eat and there wasn’t any good choices.”  If you are really truly serious about changing your eating lifestyle then you must meal prep!

Benefits of meal prep:

  1. Saves time during the week that you can use to accomplish a task or spend time with family.
  2. Eliminates making poor choices day in an day out, self sabotaging your goals.
  3. Saves money, by not over buying at the grocery store and only what you need to eat for that week.
  4. The family will look forward to certain nights of the week if they see a menu ahead of them.
  5. Lunch is done!  You can either take part of the previous night’s dinner or make lunches for the week ahead of time.
  6. Woke up late?  Not a problem when breakfast is either already done and ready to go like overnight oatmeal or easily heated up and taken along for the ride.

Here are a couple of great resources to help get you started!


How do you meal prep? We’d love to know!




President, Personal Training Manager at Body By Brent LLC