When I set out to become a personal trainer back in 2005 it was because I so passionate about exercise I wanted to share that passion with everyone else.  I love what I do, coaching, educating and helping clients to make a profound impact on their life.  That is why I’m excited to introduce MEALS.  MEALS will provide yet another way that we can assist clients in providing the highest service possible.


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MEALS are made by a local catering company and will be dropped off at B3 Personal Training in Doylestown twice a week on Monday and Thursday.  Here are just a few highlights of this new program:


  • Maximum of 500 calories in each meal.
  • Made fresh, never frozen.
  • Loaded with vegetables and lean proteins.
  • Nutrition information is printed right on the label, no preservatives.
  • Delivered in a microwaveable safe container making it easy to take to work or on your business trip.
  • Menu changes each week with new choices.

I know that making this service available will only help clients reach their goals quicker while eating deliciously!  Please, next time you stop in for your session ask your trainer about MEALS and how you can get your hands on them!


If your not a client, stop in anyway and find out how you can still take advantage of this service!


B3 Healthy,







President, Personal Training Manager at Body By Brent LLC